Meet The Team





I go by Bones! I am one of 4 owners and the Owner/Founder of Craft Connoisseurs. I’m also the face of Dank Dabber LLC (@dankdabber & @dankdabberdepot on IG) and creator of the finger dabber which I established in 2012. Sales and marketing are my specialty, but I take pride in developing loyal industry relationships and networking with like minded individuals. Consistently providing our customers with unique quality products is something I can guarantee you will receive when working with us. It really did take a team to make this company into what you see today. I feel extremely fortunate to have Rose my wife/mother of my children, my close friends Josh and Eric as co-owners because we all share the same vision. Your support of our families means everything, and I personally promise to make every experience with us a positive one.






Greetings! I’m Joshua, a true Washington native. Born and raised in Kirkland, a beautiful suburb located in the greater Seattle area. I am truly blessed to be husband and father of two amazing kiddos. I enjoy cooking, grilling, gaming, and playing music. My why is quite simple! I wanted to build a company that provides for my family, but also sharing with the world yet another fun and tasty libation that brings people together to have unforgettable experiences.






Hello! I'm Rose, partial owner of Craft Connoisseurs. My husband Bones and I have two beautiful little girls who call me Mama which has been my main gig for the last few years while helping build our business to what you see today. Thanks to my many years in the hair industry, I have extensive experience in customer service and getting Craft Connoisseurs up and running has been a dream come true for all of us so we're thrilled you're along for the ride!





I've known Bones for over a decade and am the newest member of the Craft Crew. I'm very excited to become part of the team to help transition from a bottle shop to a sit down cafe and bring so many more experiences to the sour shop! You'll likely see me behind the taps while continuously learning about the ever evolving craft beer community through our contracted breweries and local scene.