Can Credits & Returns

Q: What is a can credit?

A: Although we go to extensive lengths to protect your order, we know unexpected things happen in transit that's out of our control and can's occasionally arrive leaking. If for some reason this occurs, no worries! Upon opening your package if you discover that you have a leaking can, please photograph or take a video and send it to us at or DM us on Instagram @craftconnoisseurs and we'll automatically apply a credit to your account for your next order.



Q: What if my beer has gone bad in transit?


 A: We cannot guarantee delivery of heavily fruited sours especially ones containing cream, lactose or ice cream during warmer seasons. If ordering during the months of June-October you are buying at your own risk. Thank you for understanding.




Q: What if my can is dented?


A: We understand many of you enjoy the art on the cans but these are meant to be drank and not a collectible object. As long as the can is not leaking it is still safe to consume and would not qualify for a can credit. 



Q: Can I return my order?

A: In short, no. We cannot legally receive any returned packages from the customer that contain alcohol. In the event that you are unsatisfied with your order, please reach out to us at to discuss your issue.